The Sugar Beet Manifesto

Spring – 2020

We consider the sugar beet as part of our national heritage and as a continuation of this thought we would like to explain our arguments for this statement.

First of all, the generation of the sugar beet is a masterpiece of mankind. The ‘modern’ sugar beet was specified and developed from a white beet called the 'White Silesian' fodder beet since the 19th century which highly improved it glucose percentages.

Secondly, the sugar beet is a very rich crop, as it has adapted to a wide range of climatic conditions and soils, in other words the sugar beet acclimates to its surroundings. This reliability makes the sugar beet into a crop that should receive higher esteem.

In order to officially make the sugar beet heritage, a specific site should be chosen which represents the beet. Airfield Deelen would be the perfect location as the agriculture of the sugar beet has been a stable factor in this environment of continuous change. Where the airfield and its surroundings varied in both function and appearance, the growing of sugar beet and the site itself were exceptional in remaining consistent. As a result, it obtained a stable and mainly crucial role for the location.

The sugar beet deserves to be rewarded for its reliability, effort and consistency in an environment of fluctuation. By making it national heritage the sugar beet will be identified, protected and preserved on this specific location at airfield Deelen. This will not only represent a long history, but also enable a glorious future.

In collaboration with Joanne van der Wal, Cate Sanvitale-Simonetta, Maya Heukensfeld and Kuan-Ting Chen.

Manifesto of the Sugar Beet