Redesign Aspen Magazine N07

Spring – 2020

One of the difficulties of designing a book from the content of Aspen N07 was combining different media, as the original publication was a box filled with different articles, artworks, vinyl records ect. Another difficulty was dealing with the low quality images.

To be able to design this book, I had to chose a narrative or angle from which to base my designs upon. What I recognized within the first publication of Aspen N07 was the fact that all the elements were separate, which allowed the reader to lay all the elements next to each other and to create their own layouts and grids. The content was never meant to be read from item number 1 to item number 14 in a chronological order. So, instead of creating a chronological narrative with the text and images, I decided that the items which contained images should flow next to the items which contained text throughout the whole book. This way, the reader could still experience a little bit of the old format of Aspen Magazine.